Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be YAself honey!

It's funny. I'm 13. Just became a teen. And the past 5 months I started being interested in blogs. I think this is really a place where I fit in, a place that makes me move. Then sometimes I get what I call a 'creativity burst'. That's when I feel super Inspired! I just want to do so manny things and everything is like 'La Vie en Rose'. Ooh I love that song! I'm totally in to jazz right now. No actually I've liked jazz ever since my dad would put on his old LP's in the livingroom and I would dance. Jazz is so free. My mom once told me her parents would go to Harlem to listen to jazz. They would speak French ( which my grandma was, well actually Belgian, but that's a long story.) because the people in Harlem didn't like white americans around.
Well, creativity bursts don't come too often, mainly because there is this thing called 'school'. Yeah you know what i'm talking about. I don't think I have to explain. It's important, I know. But at some point teachers give you so much homework, that you're literally going to explode. LITTERALY. That's one thing that's hard for teenagers. The other thing is that I have the impression that everyone tells you how to be: your parents want you to be a well-behaving student, your friends want you to be a gossiping BFF that makes them laugh and that is a rebel, the fashion blog you follow tells you in what brand you have to dress and your favourite arty magazine tells you that it's cool to be a bookworm that always makes interesting converstations and is very aware of what's happening in the cultural and political world. AND IT ALL JUST DRIVES ME CRAZY! Who do I have to be and who do I have to satisfy?
And I think culture is very helpfull to that. You can talk about things you like ( and that can be like from Justin Bieber to Isaac Newton) . By talking and reading and listening you'll understand what you like and what you don't like and you'll understand yourself better and you will probably be much more confident.  God, i'm feeling like a psychologist right now. Time to stop writing...

Oh and this is a drawing I made this summer. I just thought it would fit for this post...

Au revoir,


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