Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Have a nice and cheesy life! Ooh I love everyone! UNICORNS! SANTA! UH.

I feel releaved. The past weeks ( 3 weeks to be exact ) have been stressful, hopeless, boring, long and hard. But now I've got my results, which are acceptable, and 2 weeks of free time are awaiting. 
The minute I left the classroom, I ran to the vintage store. I didn't wait for someone, as I do usually do, I just ran. I thought that was a good way to end those exams.
These past days I've been thrifting and wandering around on my own in this  neighbourhood called "Les Marolles", which is my favourite place in my hometown. There, you can find the cool kids of Brussels and some style varieties (from my point of view, Brussels' street style isn't very exiting, nor interesting, with a poor amount of exceptions). 
This neighbourhood has great bars, a very multi-cultural population, an enormous amount of vintage shops, a cool skate park, and is aesthetically very variated: from beautiful architecture to the ugliest buildings you could imagine. But most importantly, there is a daily flea market. It's the best one in town. Loads of Moroccan people sell stuff, like grandma clothes and jewellery, LPs, books, crap, kitsch decoration, plastic flowers, little creepy plastic dolls and so much more crap. And it's mostly very cheap (Like, I just bought Rumours by Fleetwood Mac for 1 euro! ). I always go alone, so I'm totally free
I have NEVER left this flea market without buying anything and spending over 15 euro. 
Right now, I have so much time to think about all kinds of stuff, like what I really want this blog to be and what my style and interests are, how I'm changing, projects I want to do in the future etc... It's great. 
Oh yeah. It's Christmas eve tonight. I planned to make an anti-Christmas post where I would be supposed to wear an embellished swimming suit with plastic flowers and tie dye and cool things, with a sunny Hawaiian background (which makes the exact opposite of Christmas), but instead I spend my day sleeping, going to the flea market, making my suitcases and getting lost in book stores to have enough to read for this vacation. I bought Generation X by Douglas Coupland and To Kill A Mockingbird that I'm both really exited to read. 
Oh, I'm going to the south of France with a couple of friends and I probably won't be posting then, because THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION!  Oh Lordie. Maybe it is good to be disconnected from the internet for a while, because some times everything is too overwhelming and I can't find my way out, so feeling some connection with the pure and beautiful nature won't harm me... Ok. I sounded like my MOM. 
now this is what I call R&B

This (Bouquet) is a wonderfull group.Unfortunatly, I could not find any videos of them. I you want to hear them, be sure to check their website!

Au Revoir,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

hangers, hats and high heels

All clothes are thrifted
thanks to Kaya for modeling

Au revoir, 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A for Awkward Family Photos

I've been thinking for ages how to write this intro. I can hardly understand myself, so writing is a really hard thing for me to do the past few days. I have enough things to say to make your ears explode. But the words just don't come out of my mouth, or hands. They just wander in my brain and if they ever come out of it, a question mark places itself behind the thought. Anyway. If I don't stop writing that confusing pile of shit, my neurosystem will crash.

Well that part wasn't very educative.

Sometimes I just ask myself... No, you see?! Another question. And another, and another. Ok. Uh. ha. Uh. Hu. Imma loser. Uh arh. Ah. 

That is so how I'm feeling the past few days.

You will forget eeeeverything you just read.
Uh I just came back from a website that learns you how to hypnotize. You really have to try that with your friends. And with your little bratty sister. 

While making my history exam, I had this idea to do an ABC game. Every week I have to find an artist/ musician/ book/ obsession (uh no, I don't like that word. It's like UH I'M SO OBSESSED WITH UNICORNS. Nah, I actually love that word. And the unicorn, too)/ food/ APP /whatever that begins with A and then B, C, D and so on. Got it? 
So this week's letter is... A! (wow, you couldn't have guessed that, right?!)

I saw this book on my desk (aka World War II, cuz' you know, during the exams your room kinda looks like an explosion) called Awkward Family Photos. It was given by my sister. I hadn't seen it for ages, so I read it and I laughed so, so, so much. 
I had to put this on my blog. AND taddaaaaa! The title of the book started with an A. I present you 

Awkward Family Photos

There are some scanned pictures from the book, but the book is copyrighted and I'm scared that the FBI is going to come into my house and kidnap me and torture me until I tell that I'm terribly sorry that I did such a thing, that I regret it and that I'll never, ever, ever do something like that again. So I'm also going to put some from their official website.
Welcome to the kingdom of Kitsch

Au revoir,

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dear Bad Mooders,

I shall not write about how unhappy and depressing exams are and about how cold it is and how I’m having the teenage blues and my life seems pointless and how “effing” superficial and stupid this whole school society is and how sad I am that the Grimes concert where I was supposed to go is cancelled. I'm almost crying! It meant SO MUCH to me. But, NO NO NO, I refuse to talk about that shit. Instead, I’ll talk about the cool stuff. MUSIC! PHOTOGRAPHY! FASHIIIIN! OOH YEAH. 
So let’s start to change our mood.
I’ve looked little up on the internet how to get back into a good mood and this was pretty much what I found:

1.    You must hydrate yourself. That’s good for umm… your body happiness?!
2.    You must do exercises because it gives you a huge boost in your physical energy. HA.
3.    Feel grateful. This is an easy way to get out of a bad state.
4.    Say 100 times in a row: “I want to feel good”. apparently it helps. Not.
5.    YOU KNOW WHAT? FUCK IT ALL. This will do the job :

Mama Do The Hump - Rizzle Kicks

you’re in a good mood now? Fine. Let the art start.

Sabine Ducasse 

I’m going to get a box of pearl beads RIGHT AWAY.

Hasisi Park

visit her website. You will get lost. 

"As a lazy and weird-looking Hikikomori (a Japanese term referring to the phenomenon of reclusive 
individuals who have chosen to withdraw from social life), which may explain why I don’t use pretty models in my work. I prefer to appear in front of a camera. Being a Hikikomori is certainly related to my attitude and perception of art because it limits what I can get from outside. Rather than being a spectator, I choose to be objectified by frightened women, including myself. When you first look at my photographs, it seems difficult to identify with the character because she plays out what most women can’t present in normal life."

Io Echo - Carnation 

Io Echo - When The Lilies Die

Shit London Awards

Shit London Awards started with a bunch of friends posting strange and unusual things they spotted on their travels around the city.  But fast it became an actual contest. If you're living in or going to London, grab you're cameras and take pictures of the most depressive views of the city and send it here

The categories for entries this year are…

Shit London: Pigeons on Boris bikes

Shit London: Mattress

Shit London: Entrant in the Most Depressing View From Work category
Can it be even more exiting?

Should I tell you a secret? The Guardian is the coolest website in this whole World Wide Web. It has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Need some inspiration? The Guardian is- how boring it might seem - the best. 


Well, I guess that's it for today!

Au Revoir,

Choose Your Strike

My mom always told me that if ever I were alone in a wood and I saw a grizzly bear, I had to show my breasts.  That would make the bear go away. Well, don't try that with humans...

YAH. I made that thingy....
 Sorry for spelling the word 'Thief" wrong.

The other day, I was witness of harassment. One out of millions. I was in the metro and it was packed. I couldn't move a bit. There was this girl a little further and I could see a man touching her waist. She was young and she looked terrorized. I was too far away to help her. Just before I stepped off,  a women placed herself between the girl and the man. She helped her out of the metro. The girl was crying.

Why do so many men think that their immediate sexual satisfaction allows them to make others miserable? They understand that they can't steel money or other material things and if they do, they know it's wrong or at least against the law. But they don't consider it wrong or against the law to steel a women's body, her integrity and dignity. They just help themselves as they please, whether it pleases the women or not.

We must be prepared, we must react and certainly talk about it; not feel isolated.

What is happening now in Egypt is terribly important. On one side, women are progressively coming out of their silence, on the other side so many Egyptian men are extremely aggressive towards women. Many boys find it absurdly normal for girls to be harassed. They say it's the women's fault. Fortunately, a group of men support the cause of women's rights. The documentary below describes the daily life of Egyptian women. How every step is potentially dangerous. How risking it is to take the bus (metros have special wagons for women to be safe.) How their suffering is ignored and worse, condemned.                             
 I must add that I am generally talking about women suffering from sexual harassment, but this is a problem that often occurs to boys as well. Their cases are even more ignored. 

The documentary consists of two parts. The one about women in Egypt starts at 56 minutes. Unfortunately it is in French, but much of it is in English.

This is an English short documentary. Only the five first minutes relate to this subject.

Now, I know that this isn't an easy subject. If this all does something to you, as it did to me, start talking about it. If it doesn't, I don't blame you! Not at all!
 I'm sure you have or will be concerned with harassment. If you have a tip to protect yourself from an attacker, spread it. If you are harassed, you don’t have the time to think. It happens so suddenly. So you need to have the solution already in mind.
I talked about it with my girlfriends during lunch. First, everyone was like : " What is your problem?!", but I told them everything I'd heard about harassment ( UGH, I was blushing ) and we all started talking about our own experiences. At the end of the conversation we all had the feeling we had revealed something.

Girls in the Arab world will be helped if we show that we are with them. This will make them stronger and give them the power to react. Let’s support the girls in Egypt and elsewhere. Let’s show them that we back them. Let's encourage anti-sexism! 

I’ll update the list regularly and if you have a good  link (relating to this subject), you can comment it right below!

Au Revoir,

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to make a virgin mojito

Everyone wants to know how to make mojito, right?
Summer is over, the winter is coming, mojitos are for the summer, I know. But It's just so good. So why not?

This summer, I went to a Brazilian (performing) arts festival and there was this cool bar where they'd sell every single tropical coctail you could imagine. Oooh it was HEAVEN. I got a virgin mojito and it was really good. I can't quite remember the taste, but ever since I've been longing for another one.

Making the drink was pretty challenging, dispite the easyness of it. Notice I can't cook. When I cook something, for example an omelette, I always have a sort of OMGI'mgonnamakethisomelettetasteunique-vibe. So I add some cumin and paprika and why not a little bit of ginger? And it all makes the poor omelette unedible. GROSS.
So thank you, Antonia (my super cool cousin) for helping me prepare it and not making me put yoghurt in the drink.

Gathering all the ingredients wasn't as easy too. We went to the supermarket and we bought the food. But when we came back, we realised that we had bought a zucchino instead of a cucumber. None of my neighbours had a cucumber, so I ran to the shop, in the rain, to get that bloody cucumber. After that, we didn't find any ice cubes in the frige. DAMN IT. So we had the brilliant idea to go ask some in a really cool bar close to my place. We had ice cubes. HALLELUJAH.

Ingredients for one glass:
- 1/4 of a cucumber
- some mint
- 1/4 cup of (organic or fresh) apple juice
- little ice cubes
- sugar
- 1 lime and 1 lemon (juice)

(the ingredients on the pic are for 2-3 glasses)

1. Peel and slice the cucumber in little cubes and the mint roughly.

 2. Put it in a mortar and squash it.

    3. Add some sugar. Don't exaggerate, because there will also be apple juice in it, which is very

 You will obtain a green oompa loompa- alike beverage.
4.Poor the beverage in a glass.
5. Squeeze the lime and the lemon. Don't forget to keep one or two whole slices for the decoration of the Mojito.
6. Poor the lemon juice and the apple juice in the glass with the beverage. If you use unfresh apple juice ( like Minute Maid ) it will be much less refreshing (DUH) and too sweet.
7. Add the ice cubes.
 decoration: Make sure you do this step before pooring the drink into the glass:
 Take a glass and dip it in a bowl of water. This will be the icing on the border of the glass.
Get a saucer or a little plate and put plenty of sugar on it. Then, dip the glass in the sugar. you will obtain this:
8. You're done, Bravo! Enjoy your drink!

Au revoir,
Jeanne <3

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spit it all out

It has been a long time since my last post ! Well, here I am again. 

I would like to tell you all the things I have done these past weeks, but I collected some pics and I wanted to share them with you. 

Sometimes photos just express more than words. 





 Oh you know...


 Françoise Hardy


Long live Flower Power


Man, You made my day!




The Virgin Suicides. 

 Can I join?

Charlotte Perriand, my favorite architecte/ designer. 

Whoever you are, you're my hero.




I would totally picture myself walking in the streets with that mask.
at Urban Outfitters

Van Beirendonck. <3 

 this picture looks pretty lame between all the others, but WHATEVAH.
It's me.
LOok At THe ShOEs! 

Bikini Kill.

 Another outfit of mine.

Remember those?

I'm the walrus. I am the eggman. kukooockechooo 


Meadham Kirchhoff

You're supposed to laugh  right now. 


 Even more perfect.

 Not-so Perfect

au revoir,