Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Have a nice and cheesy life! Ooh I love everyone! UNICORNS! SANTA! UH.

I feel releaved. The past weeks ( 3 weeks to be exact ) have been stressful, hopeless, boring, long and hard. But now I've got my results, which are acceptable, and 2 weeks of free time are awaiting. 
The minute I left the classroom, I ran to the vintage store. I didn't wait for someone, as I do usually do, I just ran. I thought that was a good way to end those exams.
These past days I've been thrifting and wandering around on my own in this  neighbourhood called "Les Marolles", which is my favourite place in my hometown. There, you can find the cool kids of Brussels and some style varieties (from my point of view, Brussels' street style isn't very exiting, nor interesting, with a poor amount of exceptions). 
This neighbourhood has great bars, a very multi-cultural population, an enormous amount of vintage shops, a cool skate park, and is aesthetically very variated: from beautiful architecture to the ugliest buildings you could imagine. But most importantly, there is a daily flea market. It's the best one in town. Loads of Moroccan people sell stuff, like grandma clothes and jewellery, LPs, books, crap, kitsch decoration, plastic flowers, little creepy plastic dolls and so much more crap. And it's mostly very cheap (Like, I just bought Rumours by Fleetwood Mac for 1 euro! ). I always go alone, so I'm totally free
I have NEVER left this flea market without buying anything and spending over 15 euro. 
Right now, I have so much time to think about all kinds of stuff, like what I really want this blog to be and what my style and interests are, how I'm changing, projects I want to do in the future etc... It's great. 
Oh yeah. It's Christmas eve tonight. I planned to make an anti-Christmas post where I would be supposed to wear an embellished swimming suit with plastic flowers and tie dye and cool things, with a sunny Hawaiian background (which makes the exact opposite of Christmas), but instead I spend my day sleeping, going to the flea market, making my suitcases and getting lost in book stores to have enough to read for this vacation. I bought Generation X by Douglas Coupland and To Kill A Mockingbird that I'm both really exited to read. 
Oh, I'm going to the south of France with a couple of friends and I probably won't be posting then, because THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION!  Oh Lordie. Maybe it is good to be disconnected from the internet for a while, because some times everything is too overwhelming and I can't find my way out, so feeling some connection with the pure and beautiful nature won't harm me... Ok. I sounded like my MOM. 
now this is what I call R&B

This (Bouquet) is a wonderfull group.Unfortunatly, I could not find any videos of them. I you want to hear them, be sure to check their website!

Au Revoir,


  1. I want to read the post-Christmas post. C'mon girl, say you loved it!

  2. Was that YOU featured on the Rookie question article?! So cool! You're practically famous with teen girls!

  3. Yeah! That was me! I was so happy when I saw that my question was published :)