Friday, January 25, 2013

Women With a Voice

These are a few pics I made a long time ago. YAY!

I was planning to name this post "The Badger last steps", but that sounds way too dramatic. I don't really have the feeling this is really what I want my blog to be. one part of me wants to put my whole life on my blog, but the other one, the most convincing one, thinks some things are just too personal to post them. (oh and don't get it wrong, I'M NOT CONCERVATIVE!). 
I want to move on and have new projects. I want to learn and move my ass. I want to meet new people and write. But I have the feeling this blog is stopping me from doing that! 
Anyway. I've made this playlist: Women With a voice

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pretty in Prada

"My creations are strange and not perfect, because I don't like things that are obvious. So I always try to introduce something that is wrong, something different. Just beauty by itself is too easy." Miucca Prada

Every season, Prada comes with something very enexpected. It makes you want to go further.
When I think of Prada, I think of  future. Of innovation. Of Irony.

From left to right: Prada Epicenter Tokyo - Prada Epicenter Los Angeles - Prada Epicenter New York
The stores were designed in collaboration with architects Rem Koolhaas and Herzog & de Meuron.

Fondazione Prada Carsten Höller

Fondazione Prada

                                  spring/summer 2013                                     fall/winter 1988

 "I once tried to make lace – which has been a great obsession of women – unsexy. And I achieved it,". Miucca Prada was one of the first designers to become interested in military uniforms; one of the first to look to vintage dresses for inspiration.

Au Revoir,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Pony Tale

German Military Jacket - Thrifted
Leggings - New Look
Shoes - vintage Dr. Martens

Jeans Shirt - American Apparel
Camera - Diana F Mini
Bandana - DIY'ed

Thanks to Athena, Pierre and Claire 

This is what makes us girls

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! Have a nice and cheesy life! Ooh I love everyone! UNICORNS! SANTA! UH.

I feel releaved. The past weeks ( 3 weeks to be exact ) have been stressful, hopeless, boring, long and hard. But now I've got my results, which are acceptable, and 2 weeks of free time are awaiting. 
The minute I left the classroom, I ran to the vintage store. I didn't wait for someone, as I do usually do, I just ran. I thought that was a good way to end those exams.
These past days I've been thrifting and wandering around on my own in this  neighbourhood called "Les Marolles", which is my favourite place in my hometown. There, you can find the cool kids of Brussels and some style varieties (from my point of view, Brussels' street style isn't very exiting, nor interesting, with a poor amount of exceptions). 
This neighbourhood has great bars, a very multi-cultural population, an enormous amount of vintage shops, a cool skate park, and is aesthetically very variated: from beautiful architecture to the ugliest buildings you could imagine. But most importantly, there is a daily flea market. It's the best one in town. Loads of Moroccan people sell stuff, like grandma clothes and jewellery, LPs, books, crap, kitsch decoration, plastic flowers, little creepy plastic dolls and so much more crap. And it's mostly very cheap (Like, I just bought Rumours by Fleetwood Mac for 1 euro! ). I always go alone, so I'm totally free
I have NEVER left this flea market without buying anything and spending over 15 euro. 
Right now, I have so much time to think about all kinds of stuff, like what I really want this blog to be and what my style and interests are, how I'm changing, projects I want to do in the future etc... It's great. 
Oh yeah. It's Christmas eve tonight. I planned to make an anti-Christmas post where I would be supposed to wear an embellished swimming suit with plastic flowers and tie dye and cool things, with a sunny Hawaiian background (which makes the exact opposite of Christmas), but instead I spend my day sleeping, going to the flea market, making my suitcases and getting lost in book stores to have enough to read for this vacation. I bought Generation X by Douglas Coupland and To Kill A Mockingbird that I'm both really exited to read. 
Oh, I'm going to the south of France with a couple of friends and I probably won't be posting then, because THERE IS NO INTERNET CONNECTION!  Oh Lordie. Maybe it is good to be disconnected from the internet for a while, because some times everything is too overwhelming and I can't find my way out, so feeling some connection with the pure and beautiful nature won't harm me... Ok. I sounded like my MOM. 
now this is what I call R&B

This (Bouquet) is a wonderfull group.Unfortunatly, I could not find any videos of them. I you want to hear them, be sure to check their website!

Au Revoir,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

hangers, hats and high heels

All clothes are thrifted
thanks to Kaya for modeling

Au revoir, 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A for Awkward Family Photos

I've been thinking for ages how to write this intro. I can hardly understand myself, so writing is a really hard thing for me to do the past few days. I have enough things to say to make your ears explode. But the words just don't come out of my mouth, or hands. They just wander in my brain and if they ever come out of it, a question mark places itself behind the thought. Anyway. If I don't stop writing that confusing pile of shit, my neurosystem will crash.

Well that part wasn't very educative.

Sometimes I just ask myself... No, you see?! Another question. And another, and another. Ok. Uh. ha. Uh. Hu. Imma loser. Uh arh. Ah. 

That is so how I'm feeling the past few days.

You will forget eeeeverything you just read.
Uh I just came back from a website that learns you how to hypnotize. You really have to try that with your friends. And with your little bratty sister. 

While making my history exam, I had this idea to do an ABC game. Every week I have to find an artist/ musician/ book/ obsession (uh no, I don't like that word. It's like UH I'M SO OBSESSED WITH UNICORNS. Nah, I actually love that word. And the unicorn, too)/ food/ APP /whatever that begins with A and then B, C, D and so on. Got it? 
So this week's letter is... A! (wow, you couldn't have guessed that, right?!)

I saw this book on my desk (aka World War II, cuz' you know, during the exams your room kinda looks like an explosion) called Awkward Family Photos. It was given by my sister. I hadn't seen it for ages, so I read it and I laughed so, so, so much. 
I had to put this on my blog. AND taddaaaaa! The title of the book started with an A. I present you 

Awkward Family Photos

There are some scanned pictures from the book, but the book is copyrighted and I'm scared that the FBI is going to come into my house and kidnap me and torture me until I tell that I'm terribly sorry that I did such a thing, that I regret it and that I'll never, ever, ever do something like that again. So I'm also going to put some from their official website.
Welcome to the kingdom of Kitsch

Au revoir,