Friday, January 25, 2013

Women With a Voice

These are a few pics I made a long time ago. YAY!

I was planning to name this post "The Badger last steps", but that sounds way too dramatic. I don't really have the feeling this is really what I want my blog to be. one part of me wants to put my whole life on my blog, but the other one, the most convincing one, thinks some things are just too personal to post them. (oh and don't get it wrong, I'M NOT CONCERVATIVE!). 
I want to move on and have new projects. I want to learn and move my ass. I want to meet new people and write. But I have the feeling this blog is stopping me from doing that! 
Anyway. I've made this playlist: Women With a voice


  1. I love your pictures and the playlist has some of my favorite songs! Say a Little Prayer - love it!!!!

  2. this comment is fab, your blog is fab, you are fab, so i nominated you for the liebster award!
    have a spectacular day :)

  3. ooh thank you Emily and Kat! this cheered me up! Maybe I should continue posting!

  4. I love your blog! I also adore the fact that you are a "kid blogger". I'm 13 as well :). I'm following! Follow back?

  5. you shouldn't stop blogging! maybe less blogging, but you can post about you projects you want to do!
    i really like your blog