Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to make a virgin mojito

Everyone wants to know how to make mojito, right?
Summer is over, the winter is coming, mojitos are for the summer, I know. But It's just so good. So why not?

This summer, I went to a Brazilian (performing) arts festival and there was this cool bar where they'd sell every single tropical coctail you could imagine. Oooh it was HEAVEN. I got a virgin mojito and it was really good. I can't quite remember the taste, but ever since I've been longing for another one.

Making the drink was pretty challenging, dispite the easyness of it. Notice I can't cook. When I cook something, for example an omelette, I always have a sort of OMGI'mgonnamakethisomelettetasteunique-vibe. So I add some cumin and paprika and why not a little bit of ginger? And it all makes the poor omelette unedible. GROSS.
So thank you, Antonia (my super cool cousin) for helping me prepare it and not making me put yoghurt in the drink.

Gathering all the ingredients wasn't as easy too. We went to the supermarket and we bought the food. But when we came back, we realised that we had bought a zucchino instead of a cucumber. None of my neighbours had a cucumber, so I ran to the shop, in the rain, to get that bloody cucumber. After that, we didn't find any ice cubes in the frige. DAMN IT. So we had the brilliant idea to go ask some in a really cool bar close to my place. We had ice cubes. HALLELUJAH.

Ingredients for one glass:
- 1/4 of a cucumber
- some mint
- 1/4 cup of (organic or fresh) apple juice
- little ice cubes
- sugar
- 1 lime and 1 lemon (juice)

(the ingredients on the pic are for 2-3 glasses)

1. Peel and slice the cucumber in little cubes and the mint roughly.

 2. Put it in a mortar and squash it.

    3. Add some sugar. Don't exaggerate, because there will also be apple juice in it, which is very

 You will obtain a green oompa loompa- alike beverage.
4.Poor the beverage in a glass.
5. Squeeze the lime and the lemon. Don't forget to keep one or two whole slices for the decoration of the Mojito.
6. Poor the lemon juice and the apple juice in the glass with the beverage. If you use unfresh apple juice ( like Minute Maid ) it will be much less refreshing (DUH) and too sweet.
7. Add the ice cubes.
 decoration: Make sure you do this step before pooring the drink into the glass:
 Take a glass and dip it in a bowl of water. This will be the icing on the border of the glass.
Get a saucer or a little plate and put plenty of sugar on it. Then, dip the glass in the sugar. you will obtain this:
8. You're done, Bravo! Enjoy your drink!

Au revoir,
Jeanne <3

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