Saturday, September 22, 2012

The wonderful Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is a sixteen year old blogger and feminist that is the founder of Rookie, a blog for teenagers. Rookie is not another blog that tells you how to be/act/dress, neither a blog where everything is SO expensive that you feel jealous because you can't afford the clothes, accessories and stuff. (like "ooh these Prada shoes are so beautiful and there like under 600$, so you should totally buy them", I mean, we're teenagers.) but  it inspires you and tells you that you are great the way you are and that you have a potential, even if you're not the tipycal teenager. She started blogging at age 11 and she is the person that inspires me the most in this entire galaxy. That's why I wanted to talk about her for my second post. She's a GENIUS! And she is a teenager so she understands you. You should read Rookie. It's so good! Her blog made me feel more confident and I discovered so many things! There are a lot of very very good writers and artist and photographers that blog on Rookie. And every day there are at least 3 posts! Go Rookie!

This is a conference she made that I watched over and over... And I still love it.

Au Revoir,


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