Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The fool on the hill

I had a wonderful week. I did so many things that I barely had time to go on Facebook. Oh yeah. This is a thing you should know about me. I was a total Facebook addict. Until I actually found out that it's just so time-consuming! You don't actually take notice that time flys away and you just haven't done anything active. Facebook is great. Remember the Arab spring? Without Facebook, the (younger) people wouldn't have  shared their opinion that much. The same for pussy riot many other happenings.
BUT THERE'S  ALSO SO MUCH SHIT ON FACEBOOK! Like selfpictures with copy-paste quotes like: "I never thought that I would fall in love until I met you..." SERIOUSLY??  So cheeeeezy.
But now my addiction is over. Bravo me!!

I'll tell you something about my school:
My school is in the centre of Brussels in the more arty-farty neighbourhood. Unfortunately the building is very ugly, but we manage to hide that a little by covering the walls with our paintings and drawings and huge posters of Amnesty International and other NGOs.

This is my school and its neighbourhood. Every day I pass through fancy shops and fancy people. On my way to school there is a little square with a long rectangular fountain where I often fall in. I'm very famous for being clumsy.  Like slipping in the school stairs or trying to put a sweater on by putting your head in the left sleeve and your two arms in the other one. But I mean, I manage to live with it.
I'm active at school: i'll be organizing a fashion show with recycled clothes ( ooh i'm so exited about this!) for a campaign called "Sing For The Climate". I go to an art class during lunchtime and I'm regularly helping for school happenings.
Being  active at school isn't bad at all; maybe the "popular" kids aren't , but you can meet people that are interested in the same things as you and actually do something. Of course it's easier to hang out with your friends and basically do nothing. But you'll see,  doing activities is like a million times cooler!
And that was my school!

Now let's talk about the serious stuff.
I'VE GOT THE ROOKIEBOOK!!! Wihiiiiiiiiiiiiii! While seeing it in the mailbox yesterday, I totally freaked out. It's so incredibly good! You should totally get it.( it's cheaper on amazon )
It came with a paper Meadham Kirchhoff ❤ paper crown, stickeeeeerzzz and a flexible LP of the Dum Dum Girls and Supercute!

After all the craziness and  reading I went to a fashion-let's say-presentation of Pierre-Antoine Vettorello 'Savagism'. His collections consisted of handmade clothes with African elements like horse manes and straw.


It was fun and it even got better at the end when I got to know that Belgium won 3-0 to Serbia for soccer! I'm not a soccer geek at all, but when Belgium wins like that, everyone gets happy. Belgium kind of sucks in soccer, so winning creates a nice sphere in my little country...
And by the way, If you know something about soccer, Vincent Kompany was in my school!! And that is like if Lana Del Rey was at your school. In soccer version. And that TOTALLY rules. Another thing that rules is that i went to a concert of La Chiva Gantiva! I went with my cousin and we danced like craaazy! The music was fantastic.
La Chiva Gantiva is a group of Columbian students who live in Brussel and created a percussion group. Later they added the saxophone, the electric guitar, the bass guitar and the clarinet.

Oh and now we're talking about music, I just went to the best alternative and rock-pop music shop in Brussels. It's known to have a very good music selection. Sadly the shop is going to close down. Tear tear. But that means...SAAAAAALEEES!!!.  Every single CD was half price. I bought a cd of It was such a pleasure to buy them. It feels like if you're trapped in this good-music bubble, completely apart from the outer world. No worries, just music. (ok. That sounded  cheesy. The facebook quote cheesy-kind. But admit. It's true!)
The shop is called Caroline music.

These are a few CDs I bought:

This is Marina and the diamonds. It's pop. Got a problem with that? Nope. It's TOOOTALLY fine to like pop. You can dance on it and feel like if you where a 5 year old again with no problems. And this is babe has an attitude.

I also found a CD of The Beatles that contains the best selection of their songs iv'eever had. I love their music since i'm 4.
This is a song that I  listen a lot to. I don't really like the clip, but the music and the lyrics are simply beautiful.

Well, I think that was my wonderful week.
Au Revoir,


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